About MyWOTStats.com

Welcome to MyWOTStats.com. This site helps World of Tanks players track their in game statistics over a period of time. It also generates images that can be used as forum signatures.

The statistics data is retrieved from the World of Tanks website and is unofficial. Currently, the data is updated automatically once a day. Also, by viewing a player's stats on this website (not the signature image), the data will be refreshed as well, up to once an hour. Occasionally, the WG server will have problems providing the data at the time of the automated refresh. To manually trigger an update, just use the View Player page and the latest stats will be pulled.

The NA, EU, and SEA servers are all supported.

To begin tracking your stats, click on the Add Player button on the top menu and enter your in game player name. You can also use the Add Clan option to add all players from a clan. Note this can take a few seconds to complete.

At the very beginning, the stats will contain your current numbers and all periods (i.e. 7 days, 30 days, etc.) will show zeros. This will change after the first day as the data is updated. UTC times are used for everything.

Signature Color Index
Win Rate WN7 WN8
Less than 46% Less than 500 Less than 300
46% to 47% 500 to 699 300 to 599
48% to 50% 700 to 899 600 to 899
51% to 53% 900 to 1099 900 to 1249
54% to 59% 1100 to 1349 1250 to 1599
60% to 69% 1350 to 1499 1600 to 1899
70% and above 1500 to 1699 1900 to 2349
1700 to 1999 2350 to 2899
2000 and above 2900 and above

Total clans tracked: 27209 (NA = 6359, EU = 18912, SEA = 1938).
Total players tracked: 342759 (NA = 87719, EU = 215683, SEA = 39357).

About Me

I developed this site after the demise of tanks.ofscience.net. The goal for me was to create a site that is viable for more than a couple of months and not require substantial hosting costs. I put this together in my free time when I'm not managing a software development team (day job), doing parental duties, and destroying internet tanks. I hope you find this site useful and visit often for new updates. If you are on the NA server and see me in game (stumpjumper8), feel free to say hello.

I want to say thank you to everyone who generously donated to keeping this site going. Your help is needed and welcomed and contributes to the ongoing improvements and hosting of this site.